K-Network Update: Feb 14, 2016

Dear colleagues,

Hope you all had good winter holidays!

The Kitchen season is about to begin, and there are many open slots in our
schedule. You can see the schedule here:

http://people.hum.aau.dk/~nikita/ (scroll down to embedded Google calendar,
click on “Agenda” to see a list of sessions)

If you are in Aalborg or would like to present your work over the Polycom/Scopia
system, please write me with the day of your choice and I’ll list you in the

Also note that next week is now open as the presenter originally listed is
unable to present.


Nikita A. Kharlamov, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Aalborg University, Denmark
Kroghstræde 3, 4-221
DK-9220 Aalborg Øst
+45 9940 3180   nikita@hum.aau.dk
Office hours at: http://people.hum.aau.dk/~nikita/


Dear all,

Apologies for cross-posting.
I am pleased to send you the schedule for this year’s Niels Bohr lectures. Fathali Moghaddam will give the key speech titled:
The Road to Actualised Democracy: A psychological Perspective
Information (inc. the schedule and location) can be found on the following link: http://www.ccp.aau.dk/activities/activity/the-fourth-annual-niels-bohr-lecture-in-cultural-psychology.cid206021
If you plan to attend the lecture please send an email to Morten (mkat@hum.aau.dk) about it.  We need know this to have an estimate of numbers, e.g. how many lunches to order.
Many thanks and best wishes,
Luca has now NEW BOOKSERIES– congratulations!



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