What’s cookin’ in the kitchen: December 2nd, 2015

This week Sandra will share her work with us. Please find a note form the author below:

“First, I would like everyone to know this is an initial draft of a paper to be published in a special issue on learning practices and dialogical approaches. My intention is to talk about the ideas that connect dialogical and sociocultural theories in the empirical analysis of learning practices and self.
Second, I ask, in advance, sorry for the English. I know the text needs serious revision in both, language and grammar. I will be happy to get revision suggestion and promise we will work on that later on.
Third, I have a rich data collection that I have had hard time translating and selecting for this paper. So, I attached a second document with more empirical examples (with no analysis) and perhaps we can discuss about the possibility of including a couple more.
Fourth, I just realized that I forgot to include references. I will check them tomorrow and send in later or bring them with me to the seminar. At this point, I will be mostly happy to have suggestion regarding references as well.
Finally, I am working on some diagrams to represent the analysis. I will be sharing with you during the seminar to get your feedback.
Well, I wish all a wonderful weekend. Below is a short introduction of myself.
Short bio:
I am a professor at University of Brasilia’s College/Faculty of Education, in Brazil. I teach Human Development and Psychology of Education courses, supervise pre-service teachers in K-5 public schools, coordinate the Psychology of Education unit in my department and direct a Laboratory named “Dialogo: Laboratorio de praticas dialogicas em educacao”, which is committed to develop research in school and to design innovative teaching practices based on sociocultural and dialogical perspectives. I have graduated in pedagogy from the University of Brasilia, pursued my master’s in literacy instruction at Michigan State University, and my PhD in psychology at University of Brasília. Currently I concentrate my research in schooling issues, social interactions,  communication/metacommunication and development of self addressing a variety of topics. 

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