What’s cookin’ in the kitchen: November 18th, 2015

This week Karen will share ideas with us. Please read the message below and contact the author if you’d like a version of the paper to read.

To the K-Network:

This paper focuses on the side project I began when I arrived in September (my main PhD is focused on discourses of mental health in awareness campaigns, popular online articles, university policy, and students’ self-descriptions). I originally framed the study through a governmentality lens, but that started to feel too constraining – i.e., there seemed to be other analytic stories to tell. I scrapped the a priori governmentality approach and began to approach the data from a broader, Situational Analysis perspective.

However, as I was pulling this paper together I felt like I “lost the plot” (and then hit a wall) along the way. I would have liked to take a step back and start from scratch, but I didn’t have time – this is my last kitchen seminar before I head back to Canada :)

So I am hoping for some assistance from you, my kitchen seminar colleagues! As you read this very rough draft – do any theoretical frameworks come to mind? In what ways might you frame the findings if this was your paper? What (if anything) strikes you as interesting or important about a study of this nature?

As you’ll see, the discussion/conclusion section has not yet been written. There are a series of points indicating possible directions I could take. I will also pare down the body of the paper as I gain a clearer focus.

I’ve also attached my PowerPoint presentation (on the same subject) from the Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilization back in October, in case you want to see more screenshots of the apps or see how I was framing my analytic narrative back then.

Looking forward to our discussion on Wednesday!




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