The Kitchen Network (composed of “Kitchen Researchers” from the “Kitchen Seminar” and international “Kitchen Labs”) is a “think tank” for the advancement of theory, methods, and research in (cultural) psychology. The Kitchen Seminar originated in 1997 at Clark University and was hosted there for 16 years until its recent move to the Niels Bohr Professorship Center of Cultural Psychology at Aalborg University, Denmark. The Kitchen Seminar was established to discuss and develop the interdisciplinary and international ideas, papers, and projects of visiting members of the Kitchen Group. The Kitchen Seminar meets on Wednesdays and includes a videoconference between 4 international locations—Clark University (USA), Aalborg University (Denmark), and two other Kitchen Group labs from around the world which change every semester. The Kitchen Group labs include, but are not limited to, participants from Japan, Italy, Russia, Estonia, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, and the USA. For those interested in participating in the Kitchen Seminar, please see our “K-Contacts” page.